The first ever Bristol Track Day event was held at the Clark International Speedway presented by Bristol Motorcycles Philippines. Present during the event are key executives from Bristol Motorcycle Philippines are Anthony Chua, President & CEO; Andrew Sy, Operations Manager; Lito Orquiza, Marketing Manager and its brand ambassador Samantha Lo who also enjoyed riding inside the track as a back rider. Two professional riders from SPEC V Racing Team namely Aljon Valencia and Mark Chua joined the event to try out all the Bristol motorcycles. This was supported by their co-sponsors Motul Oil, Bell Helmets, BG Products, Loctite Lubricants, and Dans Phils.

Around 27 riders first started to meet at the Bristol main office in Caloocan and rode all the way to the venue at Clark, Pampanga. This gave way to their riders to pass through North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and experience riding the fast lanes. By the time we reach the venue, some of the other riders have all ready registered for the event which now totals to about 40 riders in attendance.

During the opening ceremony, Sir Anthony Chua affirmed and said that “Everybody was asking me why are we here at the race track? You know, when you bought your Bristol motorcycle, it does not mean that it is the end of our relationship, but only the start. You did not only buy a beautiful machine, but a wonderful experience.”

To give us an idea of the Clark International Speedway, it is a 4.189 km race track located in the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines. The full course has 18 turns that runs in a counter-clockwise direction, and has a Grade 4 license from the Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA). These tracks are graded based on the capacity of the run-off area, safety requirements, seating capacity, track accessibility, local accommodation, and other things dealing with race & entertainment.

In addition to the Bristol Classic 400i line-up about to run on the track, a 250cc proto-type sport bike and a 150cc classic bike was also available for a free test ride.  Prior to riding, a short briefing of the rules in the race track was conducted by Mark De Leon before trying out the much-awaited track experience. First of the rules is – there is no counter flow in the track even at the pit stop. A waving checkered flag means the end of the race or ride, and should exit the track after another round of a slow ride. A green flag means go or continue riding, a white flag means last lap, a yellow flag means slow down, and a red flag means the event will not anymore continue, no more race or track day.

Most of the riders are “first-timers” and were given enough time to feel the track in the first run, slowly between 60 to 80 km/h. After rounds of practice, few tips from the trainer, all were warmed-up, and were surprised in the second run that some are already beastly running a top speed of 120 to 140 km/h, which is a wow adrenaline rush!

Anthony Chua with Bristol Motorcycle Brand Ambassador and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International winner poses for a photo opportunity.

Totally for me, riding on the track is not all about going fast, but it was really learning and following the rules, being aware of the environment, and handling your bike. It’s more of a discipline, wrong move and decision can make the entire scene differently.

It was a great day for everybody, after a whole day of fun and riding with their Bristol motorcycles, all were very delighted and thankful this track day was organized. All enjoyed the ride, the track experience, not to mention the food, freebies, and raffle prizes. Thank you Bristol Motorcycle Philippines! See you again at the next track day!

For more information on Bristol Motorcycle Philippines visit or visit their Facebook page

Text and photos by Alvin Segui

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