All Weather, All Occasion – RS Taichi Air Parka – P 8,750


Words by Gilbert Chao      Photos by Kit Pilla

While most of us understand the importance of wearing proper protective gears when riding, sometimes still find ourselves guilty of compromising safety for sake of comfort, or worse, fashion. Fully-padded riding jackets offer the best protection against injury in the event of a road mishap but some riders would still opt for thin denim jackets or wind breakers when running on short errands or during those mundane daily trips to the office. Proper riding jackets may seem cumbersome and heavy for some, and you really can’t wear them anywhere lest you risk looking like a poser on casual Friday.

RS Taichi offers the Air Parka to end the three-way tug-of-war between comfort, safety and style. The water-resistant nylon material provides some level of protection from light drizzle and I found it especially useful these days when the weather is quite unpredictable. It has soft polyester mesh material in strategic areas like the chest, under the arms and upper back to help you keep you feeling cool and well-ventilated when riding under the sun. The hood can be easily removed to allow more air flow at the back.

The Air Parka comes with light protective padding at the elbows, shoulders and back with provision for optional chest protector. All those are removable as well but I didn’t bother. This jacket feels so comfy that I also didn’t bother taking it off even after parking at the mall. All the padding is discreetly incorporated into the overall design that no one suspected that I was wearing a riding jacket as I did my groceries.

If you want a stylish riding jacket that offers protection and all-day comfort, then you may visit any Motoworld outlet and check out the RS Taichi Air Parka.

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